It shall be the policy of Micro Technology Consultants (M.T.C.) to provide its customers with Electrical/Electronic Hardware and Customised Software produced to the standards specified by the customer in the form of specification documents, drawings, or other instructions.

This Quality Assurance Manual is a statement of the Company's philosophy and commitment to ISO 9001 and includes all aspects of quality from receipt of enquiry/order, design, procurement, manufacture, test, and delivery of the product.

Adherence to this policy involves all aspects of the Company's business and its employees.

The policies established and documented within this manual uphold the management commitment to implement and maintain an effective and economical quality system. The management of M.T.C. have the responsibility for the company's compliance to the quality system in this manual.

The person responsible for quality has been delegated the organisational freedom to implement and maintain the Company's quality system.

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